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Berryman Path (Path #97)

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Lower Street
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Upper Street
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Live Oak Park Shattuck S. of 1256 Spruce Nearly level

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Berryman Path by Susan Schwartz
Berkeley Path Wanderers Association Newsletter -- Winter 2003 -- Vol. 6 No. 4

Berryman Path is named for Henry Berryman, the entrepreneur who built Berryman Reservoir by Codornices Park to provide a major part of the city’s then-private water system. He also brought steam trains to Shattuck and Rose at Berryman Station.

Berryman path is an early example of Berkeley citizen activism. About 1905, when Oxford Street was extended north to Eunice Street through Berryman’s property, the city proposed making Berryman a street up to Spruce. Neighbors petitioned, successfully, that they didn’t need the road and would rather have quiet along the creek. So a path it stayed.

Live Oak Park, through which the path continues, came later—Berkeley bought it as the city’s first “nature park” just before World War I. The beautiful fireplace and stone walls along the creek date from that period.

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