BPWA Path-a-thon Power Walk

July 26, 2009 (Sandy Friedland)

From John Muir School (2955 Claremont Ave.)

Walk to rear of schoolyard to Oakridge Path

L onto Domingo

R onto Tunnel

L into upper parking lot of Claremont Hotel

Skirt the back of lot to Short Cut (no sign)

Veer slight L onto Alvarado, follow curve onto Alvarado Place (sign on downhill side)

R onto Evergreen Path (original sign @ top) onto Evergreen

Continue to trailhead 13-acre Garber Park at end of Evergreen and turn around

L on Slater Lane

L on Alvarado

R on Gravatt

R on Stevens (or continue around hairpin to Gravatt)

R on Gravatt

Stay L at fork (signs are misleading) onto Amito

(Detour to see gorgeous view: take first L onto Dartmouth, go past barrier with City of Westminister sign onto dirt path.  Return via Dartmouth to Amito)

Veer R onto Drury Rd.

R onto Strathmore Dr.

L onto Norfolk to Gwin Canyon trailhead

Return to Norfolk (veering left)

R onto Buckingham

Buckingham becomes Sherwick (stay R)

R on Charing Cross

R onto Hiller Dr. 

Head down, past HH clubhouse, watching for N. Hill Court on right

Right onto No. Hill Ct.

At end go up unmarked stairs

At top turn left and then quick right onto West View

Watch for stairs on left near the end (if you hit Grandview, you missed them)

L onto unmarked stairs, cross Smith Lane onto second set of stairs (watch footing)

L at bottom of stairs to intersection of Vicente and Grandview

R on Vicente and watch for wooden stairs, just past intersection, that lead to 2.5 acres that comprise the Vicente Canyon Hillside Foundation, which is open to the public

L on Alvarado

R up lower portion of Willow Path

L on Sunset Trail

L onto Eucalyptus Path

Obtuse L onto Alvarado

R on Short Cut

Back to Tunnel Road

L onto Domingo

R onto Oakridge Path and back to John Muir School