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Board Members: If you support BPWA’s work, want a rewarding community service experience, and like working with fun, energetic people, you may enjoy serving on the BPWA Board. We meet once a month and have a variety of activities with which to get involved. Contact us and we’d love to meet with you about working on our board.

BPWA Booth Volunteers: We have a sales and information booth at the Solano Stroll, the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA) Annual House Tour, and the city of Berkeley Preparedness Fair. We talk about the paths, sell our maps, t-shirts, books and other items. It is a great opportunity to work with others who love the paths and educate the public about this unique city resource.

Map Salespeople: If you love the Berkeley Pathways map and think you can convince others of its value, we want your help. We need to find more stores that will carry the map as well as to improve our publicity for it. The map helps people discover the paths, and map sales are a major source of money to support our path building and path maintenance activities. Local bookstores have been our best customers, but as more and more of them close their doors, we need to expand our markets. Contact us at if you have suggestions for, or contacts in, stores or organizations that might sell our maps.

Walk Leaders: Do you have a favorite walk on the pathways in Berkeley? If so, maybe you’d like to share it with others as a BPWA Walk Leader. We sponsor two free walks per month of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. We do history, cardio, leisurely, dog-friendly walks as well as one that lasts all day! Let us know if you are interested in leading a walk and our walk coordinators will help you through the process.

Path Building/Maintenance: We are always looking for people to help build and maintain paths. Feel the rewards of what a group can accomplish in under 2 hours; the before and after are incredible! We always have refreshments, we finish on time and it feels wonderful to use your muscles to do a bit of community service. Contact us at to participate or get more information.

Also Needed: writers, artists, and pamphleteers to

  • write press releases and news stories

  • develop flyers, posters, and other materials

  • post & distribute flyers, forge links between community organizations, and

  • attract more volunteers (picture Tom Sawyer and his fence in need of painting)

Help publicize BPWA and strengthen our connections to other community groups so that we can better maintain and enhance Berkeley’s treasured paths and enable more people to enjoy them.