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The Unstoppable Mary Lynch!

It may be a bad pun, but it’s no exaggeration to say that Mary Lynch has long been a linchpin of Berkeley Path Wanders. Since 2002, she’s contributed her ideas, talents, and sweat equity to help us to preserve, maintain and expand Berkeley’s path system.

Mary began her BPWA career as a path builder. Always an avid walker, she went on one of our guided walks and learned she could volunteer to help finish the 50 or so unbuilt paths on city-owned rights of way.

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Francesca Verdier Blazes Trails and Builds Paths

When Francesca Verdier clicked volunteer on our website a year ago, it was a lucky day for Berkeley’s walkers. She brought to BPWA her passion for building trails and six years of varied experience volunteering on weekends in parks all over Northern California, from Napa County to Mt. Diablo to the Ventana Wilderness near Big Sur. She even spent a vacation with her daughter on a weeklong project on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Francesca also is a veteran of Mt. Diablo’s Volunteers in Parks, East Bay Trail Dogs, Volunteers for Outdoor California, Ventana Wilderness Alliance, and Tulyome.

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Bob Gomez Transfers His Skills from Tracks to Paths

After nearly forty years as a Cal Trans engineer, Bob Gomez knew how to make it easier for people to get from one place to another, but he had never built a path.  By all accounts, he was a quick study. He has helped complete some of the toughest new paths in the Berkeley Hills as a member of the Weekly Hot Shots, the volunteer path builders who devote two mornings a week to BPWA projects.  

Bob’s dedication and willingness to take on just about any job that needs doing have earned him the 2015 Jacque Award for outstanding contributions as a BPEA volunteer.