Each of the first four segments has a designated checkpoint at the end where you can join the group for the next part of the hike. These meet-up spots are marked with an “i” on this map of the route. If you plan to walk the third segment, please bring your lunch. And, as always, water and snacks are essential. Every few hours, there will be bathrooms and places to refill water bottles. 

If you have questions, e-mail Jacob.

First Segment: Our route will begin with most the paths north of Marin Ave. This segment covers 22 paths, including some with several sections, and our newest addition, John Muir Path. The pace will be fast, about 3½ miles an hour, because we need to make good time while we have energy. Checkpoint one: SW corner of Euclid Ave and Grizzly Peak Blvd, seven miles into the walk. We will arrive around 9:15. 

Second Segment: We’ll walk the paths between Spruce and Arlington Ave and then descend into the flats, where we will take three more paths before heading up Allston and Bancroft to the next checkpoint. Note: If you only have time for one segment, then we don't recommend this one because it has a long stretch on streets to get us across town and has 14 paths, fewer than the other segments. Checkpoint two: North side Bancroft Way at Telegraph Ave, 14 miles into the walk. We will be there be there by noon. 

Third Segment: This part includes paths in the Claremont-Uplands. We’ll stop for a bring-your-own picnic lunch in Monkey Island Park around 12:30, and then do the paths in The Elmwood. Finally we’ll do Bancroft Steps and the paths on Panoramic Hill. Checkpoint three: Northwest corner of Bancroft Way and Piedmont Ave, the 21-mile mark. We will be there by 3:00, having taken a rather indirect route between this checkpoint and the last, three blocks away.

Fourth Segment: After we cross the UC Berkeley campus, we’ll climb to Grizzly Peak Blvd. to reach the paths near Tilden Park.   Well descend — finally! — through the neighborhoods west of Grizzly Peak. This difficult segment will include 21 paths. Checkpoint four: NW corner of Grizzly Peak Blvd and Latham Lane, near the 27-mile mark. We will be there by 5:45.

Fifth Segment: Fighting off exhaustion, we will walk the paths between Marin and Shasta — and there are a LOT of them.  Our pace will be slower, but we also will take more rest stops. We will end with Oak Street Path and will try to be back at the Marin Circle by about 8:15. The 23 paths in this segment will feel like many more. When we finally finish, we will have chalked up a grand total 33.5 miles and 103 paths in 13½ hours!