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Garber Park, Grandview, and More

Garber Park, Grandview, and More
Sunday, March  18 @ 10 a.m.
Leaders: Shelagh Brodersen and Sandy Friedland
Start: Peet’s on Domingo
Co-sponsored by the Garber Park Stewards, this 3.5-mile walk will focus on the 13-acre woodland park on the south slope of Claremont Canyon as well as two nearby neighborhoods. In the first half of the walk, Shelagh, who leads volunteer work parties in Garber Park, will take us along the mile of trails in this gem of a park, including stairs that descend to Claremont Ave.  She’ll explain the park’s history and significance and note recent improvements and interesting flora — including, we hope, trillium. Sandy, a BPWA board member, will lead the faster-paced second half of walk on the hilly streets and paths in the Claremont neighborhood. The route includes Sunset Trail, the one path that can be reached only from another path, and two historic stairways in the Grandview neighborhood. Some stairs are steep, others have tricky footing, and the park trails could be muddy.