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Power to the People - and Paws!

Power to the People — and Paws!
Saturday, June 23 @ 10 a.m.
Start: Halcyon Commons Park: Corner of Halcyon Court and Prince Street (one block west of Telegraph Avenue)
Leaders: Figgy & Wally
Let’s celebrate the power of people to turn pavement into parks! We’ll start with a stroll through Halcyon Commons, a community-designed park that truly is a Berkeley gem. In the 1990s, inspired residents transformed a 28-space parking lot into a neighborhood commons, complete with picnic area, community herb and flower garden, and glorious public art.  From there, we’ll head to Berkeley’s most famous parking-to-park example: People’s Park, which just marked its 49th birthday. On our way, we’ll visit four other parks and, of course, stop for a biscuit-and-cookie break. Part of the Pooches on the Paths All-the-Parks-in-Berkeley series, this walk will be an easy, leisurely two-mile loop, mainly on sidewalks. Everyone is welcome, with or without a canine companion.