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Utility Box Bingo

Utility Box Bingo
Sunday, September 23 @ 10 a.m.
Leader: Sandy Friedland
Start: Courtyard of Emery Station 1 @ 5858 Horton St.
Bring your four-to-eight-year olds on another of Sandy’s walking Bingo games, this one along Emeryville’s art-filled streets. Each child will receive a bingo card with photos of the whimsical utility boxes and other eye candy that we’ll spot along the way. Everyone wins! Each child must be accompanied by an adult and able to handle walking 1½ miles with frequent stops — including one for refreshments — and crossing some busy intersections.  Bring a clipboard or other hard surface to hold the Bingo card and paper to design your own utility box at the end of the walk.  Optional BYO picnic after the walk (or buy food at the Public Market). This activity is limited to 20 children, so please RSVP and include your child’s first name and age.