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The Great Path Walk VI, Sunday, August 12th, 2018

The Great Path Walk VI, Sunday, August 12th, 2018
Leaders: Jacob Lehmann Duke and Zeke Gerwein
Start: The Marin Circle between Los Angeles and Del Norte (by the mailbox) promptly at 7:00am on August 12th. 
The Great Path Walk, an epic annual tradition, follows a 33.4 mile route covering every path in Berkeley. With 5,000 feet of elevation gain and over 10,000 stairs, it is not your average BPWA walk, but we invite anyone who wants to walk fast and see new paths to come tire themselves out with us. To make the walk a bit less daunting, we have split it into five segments, each 6-7 miles long. Join us for one, several, or all of the sections; AC Transit bus connections are available between all checkpoints, so you don't even need to decide in advance where you are going to stop. 

Checkpoint and route information is as follows. If you plan to join us at checkpoints 3 or 4, please email me ( so we know to look for you.

In the first segment we will walk most of the paths north of Marin. This segment takes 22 paths, including several multi-block ones and the newest addition, John Muir Path. The pace will be very fast, about 3.5 miles an hour, because we need to make good time while we have energy. We are not running (people always ask), but come be prepared to walk very briskly with rest stops only every hour or so.
Checkpoint one: SW corner of Euclid Ave and Grizzly Peak Blvd, 7 miles into the walk. We will be there around 9:15. 
In the second segment we will walk the paths between Spruce and Arlington and the descend into the flats where we will take the three paths there before continuing up Allston and Bancroft to the next checkpoint. This segment takes 14 paths. I don't recommend this one if you plan on coming on only one segment since a lot of it is a long connecting stretch in which we will cross most of Berkeley, covering fewer paths than any other part of the walk.
Checkpoint two: North side Bancroft Way at Telegraph Ave, 14 miles into the walk. We will be there be there by noon. 
In the third segment we will cover 23 paths: first those in the Claremont area and then those near the top of Bancroft. We'll also stop for a bring-your-own picnic lunch in Monkey Island Park around 12:30.
Checkpoint three: North-west corner of Bancroft Way and Piedmont Ave, the 21 mile mark. We will be there by 3:00, having taken a rather indirect route between this checkpoint and the last, three blocks away.
In the fourth segment we will cut through UC Berkeley and then climb to Grizzly Peak. We will next walk the paths near Tilden and return for good to lower side of Grizzly Peak. This difficult segment takes 21 paths.
Checkpoint four: NW corner of Grizzly Peak Blvd and Latham Ln, near the 27 mile mark. We will be there by 5:45.
In the final segment we will walk the paths between Marin and Shasta (and there are a LOT of them) and will be exhausted. We will end with Oak Street Path and return to the Marin Circle by 8:30pm, ideally closer to 8:00. Only 23 paths in this segment but it will feel like many more. The pace will be slower, hopefully still about 2.5mph, and there will be more rest stops.
We will finish with a grand total of 13 1/2 hours of walking, 103 paths, and 33.4 miles.

***If you plan on walking the third segment, please bring your own lunch to eat in a park. Water and snacks are also essential for any participants, and sunscreen is always a welcome walking companion. There will be spots to refill water bottles and use the bathroom every couple hours.
If anyone has questions about the walk they can email me at jld78910@gmail.

The route we plan to follow is available here: The Great Path Walk VI.