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Introducing BPWA’s Handrail Corridor 

Saturday, August 18 @ 3:00 p.m.
Start: East side of Spruce St. at Los Angeles Ave.
Leader: Jacob Lehmann Duke
This 3.6-mile walk marks the completion of our long-awaited handrail corridor: almost a mile of nearly continuous paths, between Euclid Avenue and Grizzly Peak Boulevard, all with handrails. BPWA has been working for several years to raise the money for this project, which enables people who need handrails for balance to access to some of North Berkeley's most iconic paths. The corridor also will serve as a key escape route in emergencies. From our start on Spruce, we’ll head to Euclid Ave. via Eunice St. and upper Oak St. Path. Then we’ll take the entire corridor, comprising lower El Mirador, Martinez, upper Covert, Whitaker, and Ina Coolbrith Paths, catching our breath in Grizzly Peak Park on the way. Our descent on quiet and scenic Creston Rd. and Cragmont Ave. will be less steep than our ascent. The pace on this two-hour walk will be slow to moderate, so those who need handrails can enjoy this event without having to rush. However, we will have a 600’ climb in the first 1.4 miles and uneven footing in a few places.

Later Event: September 23
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