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Bidding Arf- Voir to Pooches on the Paths' Park Series

Bidding Arf-voir to Pooches on the Paths’ Park Series
Saturday, March 30 @ 10 a.m.
 Figgy & Wally
Start: Berkeley Rose Garden (1200 Euclid Ave.)
After 3 years, 60 parks, and more paths than we can count, the All-the-Parks-in-Berkeley series is reaching the finish line. Join us on this last leg as we visit beloved parks in North Berkeley. We’ll be in the hills, so expect some ups and downs, with a few areas of uneven terrain. The pace, however, of this approximately 3-mile walk will be leisurely to accommodate both the chatters and the sniffers. And as always, everyone is welcome with or without a furry friend. The walk will culminate with a farewell party in Codornices Park where we will bid “happy tails” to you, until we meet again …