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BPWA Annual Meeting - Let's Talk Trash!

Let's Talk Trash!

Hillside Club: 2286 Cedar Street

The keynote speaker at our 2019 Annual Meeting is Minna Toloui, education and engagement program manager at the Ecology Center. Minna will shed light on what's really happening with the things we throw 'away' - especially plastics. What is really getting recycled? What can we do about it, and why does it matter? As you've heard in the news, we're in a crisis, but there is still so much we can do. Tips on reducing your impact will also be included, as well as updates on exciting new local initiatives to move towards zero waste.


Refreshments, BPWA store open, President's Welcome (7 pm)

Feature Presentations: Let's Talk Trash! (7:15 pm)

  • Minna Toloui, Ecology Center: The Reality of Recycling: What's Happening and What Can We Do?

  • Alina Constantinescu, BPWA President: June trash pick-up walk

  • Elsa Tranter, BPWA board member: Beach cleanups

BPWA Updates (8 pm)

  • Recognition of departing board members

  • Election of new and continuing Board members

  • 2019 Path building updates

  • Paths condition report - Update from 2018 All-Paths Survey