Tamalpais Path, Benner Falls

Tamalpais Path, Benner Falls

The Board of the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association generally meets from 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month (except for September and December). Board meetings are usually held at the Live Oak Community Center craft room, 1301 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley. 

The 2019 BPWA Board of Directors is composed of the following people:

Alina Constantinescu

Mary Bianchi                    Treasurer

Janet Byron            E-newsletter Copy Editor

Jacob Lehmann Duke     Walks Co-Chair

Gary Forbes                  Inventory

Abby Rutchick                 Newsletter/Website production

Heather Schooler            Secretary, Donation Support

Caroline Swinehart Path lighting/Special Projects

Sharon Taylor Walks Co-Chair

Elsa Tranter                    Special Events

Francesca Verdier            Path Building Liaison

Daphne White                  Emergency Preparedness Liaison