Berkeley and Its Pathways Eighth Edition: Simply the Best Berkeley Map you can buy

If you want to explore Berkeley on foot, then Berkeley and Its Pathways is indispensable! Hands down, it’s the best guide to all 136 of the picturesque public stairways, ramps, and footpaths that make walking in our city so engaging. The paths are shown in bold black solid lines that distinguish them from the streets and from the twenty or so unfinished, impassible paths shown in black dashed lines. We know you will want to walk all the completed paths, so we have put check boxes in the path index for you to track your progress.

It’s no wonder the New York Times declared that we sell “a terrific map of all the secret routes and corridors” in Berkeley.

Now in its eighth edition, our map also happens to be the most readable street map of the city that you can find. Major arteries are distinguished from lesser streets, and bicycle boulevards and street barriers are clearly indicated. A handy street index helps you find your way.

Our highly durable map is printed on stain- and water-resistant paper and won't tear along the creases. Some other features that have made it a best seller are the inclusion of public restrooms; existing and historic creeks; and paths on the UC Berkeley campus, in parks (among them some in Tilden Park), and at the Berkeley Marina. The Ohlone Greenway and the Santa Fe Right of Way also are shown. Paths just across Berkeley’s borders in Oakland, Kensington, and Albany are included.

Order a map for your pocket or backpack and another for your car. And why not give some as gifts to family and friends? Our maps also make terrific party favors. Some path devotees have ordered maps to give to out-of-town guests at weddings, graduations, bar mitzvahs, and other celebrations.

At the reasonable price of $8.00, Berkeley and Its Pathways is one of the best values in town!