Our Great Path Survey was an overwhelming success thanks to the 75 volunteers who took part and the incredible way BPWA Board Member Alina Constantinescu planned and orchestrated the July 22 event.

We had three starting spots — Monkey Island, Codornices, and Great Stoneface Parks — with BPWA board members coordinating each one. Teams of four to ten people had signed up in advance to evaluate the condition of paths along routes of one to four miles.  Armed with detailed checklists, inspectors noted such problems as loose handrails, broken steps, and missing or damaged signs.

Alina now has tabulated the detailed results, so we can begin addressing the problems that we found to make the paths safer, both for everyday use and for escape routes in emergencies.

“We have our work cut out for us, “ she said, adding that a “dirty dozen” paths will be our first priority for work parties in the next few months.  Those particular paths had multiple issues, including rotted timber steps, protruding rebar, and weeds, shrubs or overarching branches obscuring them.

Alina also has compiled a list for the city of the 31 paths that were missing signs at the top or bottom as well as the 21 paths with damaged ones. In addition, some of the paths that begin or end in the middle of a block need signs to indicate the names of those cross streets.

Many of those who participated in the survey emailed Alina, expressing their appreciation for BPWA’s efforts and noting how much they enjoyed themselves. Here’s a sample of the positive feedback we received:

“   I could not believe how well this survey was organized — and what a wonderful walk it was!” wrote Robert Zucker, who started at Codornices Park.

“   It was great to bond with fellow path lovers as we covered our 11 paths,” wrote Diana Bersohn, who reported to Monkey Island Park and went on one of the longer routes.

“   The directions were perfect, the maps were clear, and the forms made sense.  Great job!” wrote Ruth Tobey, who started at Great Stoneface Park.

If you would like to join one of our path maintenance work parties, please e-mail Mary Lynch, who organizes them. She may add a second session a month, so her hard-working crews can begin tackling that dirty dozen.